Urban Farmhouse Duplex in the South Medical Center area!

Front of the Duplex

We are truly excited to see this design come into fruition! This lovely urban influenced duplex will be situated on a corner lot in the rapidly gentrifying South Med Center corridor and will be a welcome addition to the area!

It’s quite common in these type of areas for builders and developers to build the standard classical looking home which is fine but offers very little variety or creativity to the home buying public! We believe that today’s homebuyer desires to have a unique living experience that doesn’t look like every other home in the area!

To that end, we approached this design with several design initiatives…

  • We wanted a home that was instantly recognizable
  • We wanted this duplex to look like a house and not a multifamily property
  • The design had to be modern yet timeless
  • The home needed a BIG home feel on a small footprint (efficient design)

With those thoughts as our guide we set out to create a masterpiece and from early indications I believe we’ve come very close to creating something special. Take a look at the layout below:

We designed this home to cater to the savvy homebuyer looking to House-Hack and/or leverage www.Airbnb.com to earn extra income from renting one unit while you occupy the other unit! This is a rapidly growing phenomenon and with the ever rising costs of housing it just makes sense to design and build products that will cater to this market!

We are excited to see this property actually coming out of the ground as we speak, see below for a current picture of our progress thus far!

Forms for the foundation

This is how it all starts… doesn’t look like much right now but check back
regularly as we expect this one to come together pretty quickly!

This duplex will be for sale but we honestly have a list of buyers already
interested in it however we can definitely source a homesite and design one
just for you!

Brand New Affordable Housing Design near completion!

We are excited to be in the final stretch of Phase 1 of the construction of this affordable housing Build-to-Rent community located in a designated Opportunity Zone community! This project was a Turn-Key Design & Build project with our construction partner and sister company Houston Vintage Homes!

Our Design/Build firm was hired to source the site, replat, design & construct this development located in Houston’s 5th Ward neighborhood! This rapidly gentrifying area is seeing major displacement of the existing families as the only new product being built in the area is market rate townhomes that are selling in the low $300k range.

The average renter in this area is paying between $600-$800 a month and buying a home with a $2200 mortgage is simply impossible for these families!

So we were tasked with the mission of designing something that was affordable to build and to rent which proved to be quite the challenge with the escalating prices of materials!

This design features 3 bedrooms 2 baths and a 1 car garage with a modern feel and doesn’t fit the norm for what most affordable housing looks like! Our mission was to design a home that was affordable but rivaled the market rate housing being built in the area.

Professional photos will be done in another week and we will update the site with more photos soon! Give us a call or shoot an email to Designer@UrbanVintageDesigns.com if you have any questions about the design of your affordable housing project!