Garage Apartment Design with 3rd Floor Deck

Not long ago a client reached out about wanting to design a Garage Apartment that didn’t look like the ones their neighbors and most people have! ┬áLocated in the shadows of downtown Houston they wanted a garage apartment that took advantage of it’s location, maximized those views of downtown and that would compel people on Airbnb to rent it post-haste!

Isn’t that lovely… Our design team truly knocked this one out the park and we are excited to get the permits back on this one so that we can see it in real life!

Design wise, it features a spacious kitchen and living area on the 2nd level with amazing views of the downtown Houston, high ceilings, modern finishes and an oversized loft style bedroom. On the 3rd level you have an outdoor deck with views of the city that are unparalleled and are to die for, LOL!

Our client for this project is well versed in real estate but they took advantage of our Building Consultative services where we can guide you through the design and build process. This is beneficial for Owner Builders and inexperienced homebuilders who want to have additional oversight and guidance with their project!

This service allows you to focus on the areas that are a strength for you and you outsource the other areas to experts who can handle these matters on your behalf!

The beauty in the suite of services at Urban Vintage Designs is we can tailor make a Design/Build solution based on your exact goals around your budget and provide a level of clarity and efficiency that is generally associated with large tract home builders.

If you are in need of Design & Construction services you should definitely reach out and see how we can assist you in bringing your vision to pass!