From Fire House to Mid Century Mod – Design & Build Project

Urban Vintage Designs is part of bigger vertically integrated Design/Build firm where we source, design & renovate/build homes for our clients turnkey! This project is a prime example of this service!

The above photo is how this home looked when we acquired it for our client. We then structured the capital stack to include the funds for the purchase and renovation of this home while the design team crafted a vision for what this home would become! (See below)

Rendering of the design!

Despite the charred remains from a fire that was close to consuming the entire home we were able to salvage enough of the home to have a clean slate to craft the new vision for the home! We wanted to take inspiration from the home’s original design while fusing that with current development in the area
and I believe our Mid Century Modern influenced design captures that!

Currently we are in the framing stage of realizing the vision and we can honestly say we are extremely excited about where this one is going! Take a look below to see for yourself!

This home features 11 foot ceilings, transom windows, a HUGE Owner’s Suite and equally accommodating 2nd & 3rd bedrooms with bathrooms for each a great room that is simply stunning!

If you are considering a redesign of an old home our team here at Urban Vintage Designs is well versed in this space and can assist you with every aspect of the process! Feel free to reach out directly by shooting an email to to discuss your project!